High Moon Studios takes over Last-Gen Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare development

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    On August 20th, Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, two studio co-founders for Sledgehammer Games released information stating that High Moon Studios would be handling the rest of the development of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Last-Gen consoles.

    This could be good news for all of the Next-Gen gamers out there, because Sledgehammer will now be spending all of their time being more productive and perfect the Advanced Warfare gameplay for both Xbox One and the PS4, as well as the PC gameplay. Instead of Sledgehammer games trying to juggle producing the final results for both next-gen and last-gen copies of Advanced Warfare, they have split the development with High Moon Studios.​

    High Moon studios is best known for their productions of both games Transformers: War of Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, both published by Activision as well as a few others such as Darkwatch, Deadpool, and Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Conspiracy. Sledgehammer has some high expectations for High Moon Studios and the way the development will be finalized for current generation consoles. So, both Sledgehammer and High Moon studios will be able to concentrate on releases for certain consoles providing higher quality gameplay and more for what we've been waiting for on both last and new generation consoles.

    Concerning the Chinese market for Advanced Warfare, Raven Software will be helping to deliver Advanced Warfare as well. Raven has played a role in the franchise since 2010 with DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops.


    The recent changes to the development teams for Advanced Warfare are a seemingly great idea, as more attention will be put towards the releases on all different consoles, ensuring even greater gameplay to come.
    What are some problems you think can/will be caused by this?

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