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HiddenDEV's Boosting Lobby's [OPEN] Free Prestiges/DOUBLE EXP!


Currently 3rd in world on SnR
Reaction score

Current GT: ----

Leave GT's below to be invited. My GT Changes every day.

You will average somewhere between 45,000 - 105,000 Exp Each Game.

Been running over 50 Lobby's a day with no problems!
Current Lobby: 478

- You must have a microphone and join our boosting party chat.
- Must have two controllers.
- Must be mature and not cause problems or you will be black listed from future lobbies.
- Must be able to take directions.

How do you join?
It's extremely easy as long as you're patient, Leave you're gamer tag in this post. Be patient, there's only one of me and a large number of requests. I usually get to everyone that posts in a timely manner.


Need a guide on how to boost or how it works?

Connect your guest accounts and Split in to 2 different lobby's.

So it should be you and a friend & guest controllers in one & the other 2 players with there guests in there own lobby.

Your side will Search for a Team Tactical, Search and Rescue game.
Once you are in the lobby & it is still empty & trying to connect with other players Invite your partners to your game.

You should all be in the same game!? Great! if not restart the process until you are. Once in game/lobby you will receive instructions on what you need to do during the game.

Ban Chance?
We'll I hosted 400+ lobby's on a single account and was rank 3rd in the world for Search and Rescue for about 3 months straight but on 3/19/2014 the account was not banned but simple reset to level 1, all stats reset to 0 and such. Which is a relief because I have the Spectrum Camo and season pass on this account. And I got to keep those so that's a plus.

I will be hosting more lobby's very shortly, just currently having to make a new account because I don't want that account to get console banned .
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