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Discussion hidden challenge: "HiJacker" question...

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ok well I have been nonstop stealing enemy care packages for a while now... I haven't prestiged again yet because I know I should be getting close but I have a few questions....

first off... It seems that the only crates that count towards your hijacking count are care packages... I went into a quick split screen game to test this, and had my character hijack 2 care packages and another 8 packages from airdrops, but I did NOT unlock "Hijacker: I"... does this mean that it is the same over LIVE? does it only count as a care package? because I seriously have hijacked way more than 200 crates this prestige (mostly from EA's because they are the least guardable) but I haven't even unlocked "HiJacker: II" (50 crates) yet...

second... I heard that on PS3/CPU the Hijacker: III challenge is awarded for 200 care packages, but on the Xbox360 game the challenge is awarded only after 100... Is THIS true?

third... Why in God's name is this a hidden challenge?! do they think I enjoy not having a damn clue how many hijacks have been counted?!

some help would be seriously appreciated... I really like the treasure chest emblem u can unlock from it, so it is kind of frustrating to be so helplessly, hopelessly clueless right now...


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1/2)i think its 50 you get 5000 xp once it done emd dont count i woldent think ammo would either

)3 why is the spinning skull a retarded challenge why is gold camo in the csv (i think they meant urban and just called it gold)

myself i will do all this crap at ten i should be there in another week worth of game play(yes i suck at mw2 i dont play it for 12 hours a day like some on my friends list so it takes me longer to rank up)..
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