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Discussion hey guys i'm starting a gta samp pc only clan <read>

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hosting lobbies

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i know not the right place there's no spot for gta sa on the pc games so i'm putting in here if you wan't to try out join this sever it will be named TMR try out's there will be 3 test 1st drifting test <i have a drift mod on so don't flip out :wink:> 2nd modding <i will give every one a car and say what to add in the shop and every one will be differnt> 3rd how fast you can drive <baicly beet me on the air strip> and if you make it in the clan i'll give you a mod menu and teach you how to use and run it :wink: enjoy

sever i.p- not sure :tongue: try :7777 if that doe's not work find the sever in the interent it's in there i found it :smile: and if my car is not moveing don't use mods becuase the bot will kick u Oh and when u spawn in the game press Q so the bot don't kick u :wink: enjoy and join TMR
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