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  1. Goalieman077

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    I know these questions are probably really dumb and you guys will think I'm remedial but here it goes.

    1. What are hex's? No idea what they are all i see is a bunch of numbers and words

    2. How do they work in a game sense? How do these codes map the controller layout and stuff?

    3. How do I change them? I understand kind of how but with the numbers and letters i get confused.

    Thanks for all the help and if this has already been posted sorry!
  2. Gears Gamer

    Gears Gamer Enthusiast

    Hex, short for hexadecimal, is a different form of normal decimal numbers. Think of our number system (decimal), it only uses the digits 0-9, even 9567390, is only formed from these ten digits. We call it a base 10 system. Hex is a base 16 which uses digits 0-9 and A-F. With enough practice you can mentally convert between the two. Binary is just another number system with base 2, using digits 0 and 1. Calculators converting between different number sytems are all over the internet. There is even one on windows if you change the options to scientific calculator.

    With regards to computing, the ascii characters found on a keyboard are linked to decimal, hex and binary values found here.Ascii Table - ASCII character codes and html, octal, hex and decimal chart conversion

    You can have a number system with base 3, base 8 etc, and once you can convert decimal to one of them, then you can pretty much conver to all. Take the decimal number 20 for example. In hex, this would be 14, (the 1 represents one lot of sixteen, and the 4 represents four lots of 1),
    1*16 + 4*1 = 20

    To change hex values of something, eg a xbox 360 profile, just open it up in a hex editing program such as hex workshop. Computers work with binary and hex is a user friendly form of binary. In fact hex is more user friendly than decimal, we just don't know this cause we use decimal all our lives. All the decimal numbers between 100 and 255 use three digits. Any number in this range in hex is represented by only two digits and hence easier to use.

    In fact,since pretty much all english-speakers know the alphabet as well, the easiest sytem to use would be a base-36 system using digits 0-9 and A-Z. :smile:
    But for computing hex is the most suitable because of the number of ascii characters
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