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Discussion Here is where to start now that the Xbox One SDK has been leaked

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So I was poking at XsCreateConvertVhd2XVD and here's my 4am notes:
  • Seems to only support dynamically expanding old school ("conectix") VHDs
    • Differencing disk configurations are OK, it will traverse up the tree until it finds the base disk
  • The definition so far appears to be:
    • HRESULT __fastcall XsCreateConvertVhd2XVD(LPWSTR lpVhdPath, LPWSTR lpXvdPath, DWORD dwUnknown, DWORD dwCreateFlags)
  • Seems to supports one or more of the following create flags:
    • XXX_UNK_4 0x00000004
    • XXX_UNK_8 0x00000008
    • XXX_SPARSE 0x00000010
Perhaps tomorrow I'll take another look at the input side of things. Something is off, as I'm getting "Invalid XVD content type" errors with pointers pointing to the input VHD path.
I think we need to find out where the XsCreateConvertVhd2XVD() method is stored, that will give you an idea of what to pass through
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