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Helping Anyone With Anything On Halo3...

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Boosting and Matches' started by MaD pRoDuCTioNz, Aug 10, 2009 with 3 replies and 301 views.

  1. MaD pRoDuCTioNz

    MaD pRoDuCTioNz Newbie

    Hey, me and a group of school friends enjoy playing Halo3. We are a very good together and win everygame. We have gotten many 50's in the past, helped people do Legendary co-op in 4-5hours. We even just boost there customs or socials to get them EXP.

    If you would like anything to do with Halo3 message - MaD pRoDuCTioNz (XBL) for more details.

    Legendary Completion- 1Month
    500-1000EXP - 1Month (or) 1600Msp
    Level 50(Slayer,Snipers,Doubles) - 1Month (or) 1600Msp

    Very fair and cheap prices :smile:
  2. ahoveringcat

    ahoveringcat Newbie

    would it be free to go from 45 to 50 in swat? 120 exp, maybe 150 games.

    GT: sewer aliigator
  3. The Prodigyyyyy

    The Prodigyyyyy Newbie

    Can I play with you until I get a 50 in Team Slayer? Im a 45 and I will give you a 1 month.
  4. GlLLA

    GlLLA Enthusiast

    I wouldn't trust him... I gave him a 1 month in the understanding that he'd be online... an hour and a half half passes and still no show... plus he logged on after I sent him a message so I know he knows I was waiting.

    Hey, enjoy the 1 month. How much does it mean to me? **** all... I get about 15 free every 4-6 weeks.

    The GT's associated with this guy are the following:

    itz x mikey b x
    PeRFeCTioNz MLG
    MaD pRoDuCTioNz
    OMG iTz ReVeNg3

    And mother****er, don't come on saying you couldn't make it because of some ****. I know you logged on after I sent my message. If you couldn't make it you should have let me know.

    Wipe your *** with that 1 month, cause that's what I do with em.
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