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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto IV' started by ITZ ME RY4N, Jul 23, 2009 with 2 replies and 420 views.

  1. ITZ ME RY4N

    ITZ ME RY4N Enthusiast

    Hi Iv Been Trying to mod GTA i open the comm file and extract the files i want to mod and i goto put it back on the iso and it says the file is too Big, so i put it on with xbox backup creator and the game dont load its just a balck screen and freezes, and someone help me all i want is all cloths at level 0 and all weapons shoot rockets and max health or inf health.
  2. enjoi4853

    enjoi4853 Enthusiast

    Try to delete the language files. That usually makes it significantly smaller. Also, I burn at a 4x speed and no problems. Try 4x.
  3. Se7eN MasTa

    Se7eN MasTa Se7en Legend Premium

    Slower burn speed = the better

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