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Discussion in 'Halo 2' started by helldemon, Jun 17, 2009 with 1 replies and 295 views.

  1. helldemon

    helldemon Enthusiast

    how do you add a teleporter to a map... need tut
  2. joey4785

    joey4785 Enthusiast

    What you have to do is.

    #1. Open The map in entity.

    #2. Scroll down to sbsp, Click the only thing that shows up and click view bsp on the blue cross. wait till it loads and your controls are.
    W=Move Forward
    S=Move Backwards
    A=Move Left
    D=Move Right
    Z=Move Up
    X=Move Down
    Right-click + Move mouse = look around

    How to move objects

    Pg Up = Move object up
    Pg Down = Move object down
    Alt + Move Mouse = Rotate object
    Shift + Move Mouse = Rotate object
    Ctrl + Move Mouse = Rotate object
    Arrow Keys = Move object

    #3 on the left side Click "Edit" Then "Objectives"

    #4 Click on a spartan that appears.

    #5 On the bottom change it to "Teleporter Entrance" and change the number above 10

    #6 Put it where you want the teleporter entrance to be.

    #7 Click Another spartan change the bottom to Teleporter exit and then change the number to which ever you changed the teleporter entrance too.

    #8 Re position it to where you want it to take you.

    #9 Save changes, Resign, FTP

    Good Luck

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