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    Before I tell you what my problem is I'm going to tell you this. I know a 50 is just a number in the game. I know it really doesn't matter if I have a 50 or not.

    I'm a level 47 Brigader Grade 2. I have a lot of xp. I have decent skill that could get me a 50 by myself. The problem is my xp. I KNOW it is my fault. All I'm asking is if I should make a new account. OR should I waist a one month and have someone TRY to boost me to a 50. Unless someone really trusts me and I give them a one month after I get the 50 I don't think thats going to happen...

    Why do I want a 50? I'm on a team, they are all 50's. I hate the trash talk of little kids that are 50's that either bought the account or had someone else get the 50 for them. I know I'm looking to get my 50 from boosting, but I actually have decent skill.

    I can predict that the flaming starts now..

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