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    Well, I got all the GOW achievements... except the COG ones. I have a source profile but it doesn't connect to live to sign in so I can't lag the connection. I also tried joining Xbox Live but I get a error at the very end at the status bar, "Your new XboX LIVE membership is being created. This may take a few minutes."

    The error is:
    This action can't be performed at this time. Please try again later. For more info, go to [URL=""][/URL].
    I tried Googling the error without that 8015401D code, but all it said was something about using a credit card with a account. I'm not trying to do that at all, I just want to make it connect to live, say a silver account but it won't even give you that choice. You have to sign up for the Gold trial.

    Anyway, I know this a long read... sorry but I like to explain thoroughly and I don't post unless there is isn't any answer posted already.

    The question is, Is there any way to SPG GOW without touching the internet connection or connecting to LIVE. Also, I know about the last act insane loading glitch, but the source doesn't have past act 3 done. Thanks for reading, any answers will be greatly appreciated! :thumbup:

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