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Unsolved Help with Rebug Toolbox setting for standard play with MODS. Using internal files, loaders.?

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Hi, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong thread. I purchased an awesome setup in a freshly jailbroken slim with its own internal storage and Linux OS. It is awesome, but to the point, I stayed up for 3 days when I first got it, and dozed off with it still online, and when I woke, it was back in xmb with rebug open. Some settings got changed, and though I have since straightened it back out, there is one setting that I am not 100% sure of. Should the Toggle Host Information CFW/Dex setting be enabled or disabled? (I am strictly an online player, except when building games.) Some help would be great. Oh, btw I'm new here, but you haven't seen the last of me. Lol.
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