Unsolved Help With Mw2 Downloading on RGH/Jtag (it Freezes )

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  1. jufroninja

    jufroninja Enthusiast

    -I need help installing my mw2 on my rgh :dead: . the game loads up but when i press multiplayer it will will load up the screen then Freeze .

    i downloaded it from https://downloadgamexbox.com/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-jtag-rgh/

    -What i did step my step
    1. downloaded the game from the website (game box)
    2. extracted game
    3. put it on HDD (root HDD)
    4. pressed default.xex (yess i tryed the Default_Mp.xex same problem)
    5. game loads up
    6. i got starting screen it says campaign , multiplayer etc
    7. i pressed multiplayer and the it loads up the screen
    8. then freezes :cry:
    i installed the tu updates and still got the same problems .

    -im thinking of just reinstalling it from game box and trying again but if y'all have anything to add just let me know .
  2. goatmilk544

    goatmilk544 Newbie

    any luck? i have the exact same issue and i installed from disc

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