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  1. James Iz A Pro

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    I Need Help With Getting My Profile Off My Xbox I Have No Clue Where To Look I Know How To Get It For CoD 5

    But I'm Completely Stuck With Halo 3
  2. gurvirj95

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    Go to partition 3 in xplorer or xport. Go to content, and find out which is your profile. open the profile to see all the folders and theres gonna be one all the way at the bottom or all the way at the top called FFE07D1 or something like that. your profile is in there.

    if you have many profiles and you dont know how to find it. put your hard drive in yout 360 and go to system setting --> memory. and then go to gamerprofiles. In there you can see the file sizes for each profile. Go to xpplorer or xport and open the FEE0.. folder of each profile and check the sizes.
  3. II OneSin II

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    Like the above said go to partition 3, then to content, the your profile.
    An easy way to find out which profile is which is to play a demo arcade game, and then in XPort360 the name of that game will show up on only that profile.

    ***NOTE - only XPort has names ofgames and captions after you click partition 3 to help you navigate. xplorer does not come with this.

    In halo 3 when you click on your profile, go down to Halo 3, then click on the folder below it. You will see a list of usermaps, screenshots, and films. If you just made a usermap in forge to modify then click on the one with the date closest to the time you are doing the modding.
    Also if you save the file twice it will be larger than the others. (176Kb)

    There are many tutorials that will help you once you have gotten your map off the harddrive.

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