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Help with LiteON Key Extractor

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by pspcow, Feb 5, 2010 with 1 replies and 485 views.

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  1. pspcow

    pspcow Newbie

    So, I opened up the 360 Xtractor Reader (Made for Maximus Xtractor). I set up everything and installed the drivers needed. THe program detects my LitOn. THe problem is that when I click "Detect COM Port", the program says that my USB wasn't found, but it gives me a new COM number. It says it didn't work, but it detected the USB extractor anyway. SO, when I point the extractor on the small 707 hole on the board of the LiteON, it always gives me the BC=0 error, which means that it couldn't retrieve my key. I'm running a 32-bit, which look like the best systems to flash on, but the program never says that it detected my xtractor successfully.

    THe product I'm talking about is this one:
    Xbox 360 USB Key Extractor - Game Console Adapters DIYGADGET.COM

    Thanks for reading the whole thing, cheers! :cool:

  2. chaoschief

    chaoschief JTAG Expert

    JungleFlasher is way better

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