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  1. morpheusv2

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    Hello fellow modders,
    I have a few things I want to do concerning with xbox trainers for "Halo 2" First things first, im goin to list the things I need help with and then go by sections in more depth detail about it.

    1. Is there a program to edit ".etm" trainer files?
    2. Can any of you make Halo 2 trainers?
    3. How to make a trainer by scratch.
    Description(s) - - -

    1) [STORY] So while I was playing Halo 2 today this guy asked me if I was running "auto aim" along with my "yelo" trainer, and this simply amazed me because I have never seen such a cheat called "auto aim" in the cheat selection of the "yelo" folder. So i am curious if there is a "trainer editing program" that allows you to add other trainers to one big back such as adding "auto aim" into the "yelo" folder?

    - - - -

    2) I have been researching about making EvoX Trainers and when I read the tutorials, making trainers seem physically impossible. So i would like to congrats all of you who make them. Now to the point, for those that do make them are you willing to help me and make me a custom trainer for halo2? If so please add me at - Further detail of what I would like if possible will be givin out via msn.

    - - - -

    3) [STORY] So as I was playing with this guy (same one from first story) he said that he does not use programs to make trainers, he makes them from "scratch". Now im new to trainers so I have no clue, PLease dont post how to make them from scratch, i just want a yes or no to see if he was pulling my leg.

    --Thanks to all who help:thumbup:,
    --*Morpheus V2*--

  2. OP

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    Hello everyone,
    I am MorpheusV2

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