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Unsolved Help with connection issues with RGH?


Ramos Guy

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Hey guys so I'll keep it simple, was able to inject .gscr files through gsc studio on BO2 beforehand for like 2 months as well as being able to use a client renamer for all cods being MW2, MW3, BO2, and Ghost(the one's I'd use it for) don't know what happened but I boot up my console one day and whenever I try to get client names it's all blank? No matter what plugins I use/have on, gsc studio now just all of a sudden won't inject any gsc or gscr for me but will gladly connect with my console? It'll just give me the "unhandled exception" error when trying to inject. Although, everything else works perfectly fine and whenever I try to rename on my client renamer if I just guess I'm client 1 despite it all being blank when trying to get names and rename myself it actually works... so i'm confused as to why it all of a sudden doesn't pull the names anymore as well as the sudden gsc studio error when trying to inject? My plugins go:
plugin1: xbdm.xex
plugin2: stealth
plugin3: jrpc2.xex
plugin4: xdrpc.xex
plugin5: blank
Thanks in advance guys!
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