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Unsolved Help with bad nand Corona 4g v4



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Hi. Created account here just because I needed help with this. Apology for bad english
A while ago I received an RGH Xbox 360 E for christmas. I didn't do the glitch, as it was a gift. Long time ago I tried updating the dashboard with an outside tool that I found on another forum, and it was working. Long story short, I downloaded the updated dash in my PC and it was sending the files via WiFi. Problem is, I thought my console did freeze during update and turned it off. When I tried turning it back on, it throws an Error E76 and doesn't go past it.
I started to think about the problem, and learned a lot about the hack and how to install it and what not. I got to the conclusion that the Error is product of the update being cancelled mid-process, the nand must be corrupted and it's not booting up dash because of it. Good news is I can still boot to xell, but as it is a Corona v4 it can't update or reflash the nand at all via Xell.
So, my next idea is, why don't I open the console and reflash the nand directly into it?
I followed some tutorials here, and already made my SD Nand reader. I haven't soldered it to the console yet, because I don't really know what else am I supposed to do from then? What tool can help me read my nand and make it boot to dashboard again?
Would really appreciate if someone here can help me out.
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