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Discussion Help to build a Pc for some games.

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Hello, I'm going to buy a PC to play some games, I'm kinda of outdated on somethings here, hope you can help me out. Thanks a lot :biggrin:

I have a Xbox360 where I play mostly games, I want a PC to play some games that I don't want to burn on Xbox or different kind of games which is better to play on PC, e.g. FPS, strategy games, etc.

I have already built this here and I'm willing to spend something very similar to this, something around what I've built already. (the prices is based on the shops near where I live, which looks live very similar to newegg.com and USA based shops).

Processor: AMD AM3 PHENOM II X6(Six core) 1055T 2.8GHZ-3.3GHZ 9M US$152
RAM: DDR3 8gb US$72
VGA: ATI HD5670 1GB DDR3 US$72
MB: Haven't chosen yet, maybe some from ASUS around US$40

(EDIT: Sorry, but this is the maximum amount I can spend on the PC, something around US$300).

I already have the other components (Monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc).
By my estimatives this PC can run easily all games released until today, the games that'll be released next year and most that comes in 2013. (I hope my machine does so).

I don't need to run all games in the maximum quality nor the maximum resolution. I use 1024x768 (maximum of my monitor) and medium to low quality is good for me if the games run smoothly. ( if run in High, better :biggrin:)

Here I'll list the other parts I took a look at:
-GeForce GT 430 1gb US$66 (maybe 2gb)
-CPU AMD AM3 ATHLON II X4 645 3.1 2MB US$112
-others on those price range.

If you think it's better you can decrease the amount I spend on RAM or CPU and increase on VideoGraphics.

And if you have some other good CPU and MB where I can overclock I'm willing to do so if it gets me better results.

Thank you very much everyone.
I pretend to build this PC next week.


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