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  1. Supermagma

    Supermagma Enthusiast

    So my current computer is a good 6years old !

    I am looking to buy/make a new one.
    I was just about to order a PC i liked but the company shoved the price up by 120, money i dont have.

    However i rekon that i could build the computer for ALOT less !

    I would like some quotes from you guys of how much this PRO COMPUTER would cost Computer Supplies and PC Components from Novatech

    if i brought each part from here - Laptops, Components, MP3 players, Software, Digital Cameras

    any help would be very appreciated, you can just post what cost you got if you want, or go into more detail....THANKS again
  2. Xpargas

    Xpargas Seasoned Member

    You cant just look for yourself?

    well it would be about 300-400 depending on what you want

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