Help needed on a 4 very specific things!

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    Just a few specific modding questions:

    1. How do I change the distance required to enter a vehicle? (Like entering a vehicle from 100 feet away)

    2. How do I get an object or vehicle to attach to the master chief or elite character? (Like wherever the master chief or elite character walks in the map, the object or vehicle attached to him will follow him as if its a part of his body) I've seen this done in this video: [ame=]YouTube - modded halo 2 scarab[/ame]. If the link I just posted gets blocked, the video is of a mod in coagulation of a scarab that is attached to a warthog. Everywhere the warthog drove the scarab followed with it. (I want to attach a banshee right in front of master chief so where ever I go, I can get inside it just by holding "x")-----I'm planning to make a mod where everyone who has the mod can fly like superman (not quick flying bipd). I want an invisible banshee attached in front of every player, with the collisions of the banshee removed so it wont run into anything. That way, it will look like I have nothing in front of me, and when I hold "x," I'll start flying like superman.

    3. How do I make custom xbox controller controls for game functions within a map? (Like when triple-wielding, tapping "x" shoots your first weapon, "y" shoots your second, and "b" shoots your third)(Or have a single weapon shoot 3 different projectiles that correspond to 3 different buttons or combination of buttons on you xbox controller) (I've seen mods like this done, like the Gravity Gun Mod, where the sentinel beam has 3 different abilities.

    4. How do I set three weapons of my choice for a player to start with in the beginning of a game?

    When you reply, write the question number next to the answer that corresponds with that question.

    Thank You!
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    1. edit pickup distance

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