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Unsolved [HELP NEEDED] How do I unpack & repack one of EA's .PAK files?



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I'm currently tweaking/improving the Star Wars Battlefront III Alpha; and good news, community! I got it to a stable 25-30fps at the current settings! However, the game is still crazy unplayable. The AI is broken, the shaders delete textures, and etc. So I need to venture into the .pak files EA has put together for me, and no method I've seen works!

I've tried making .bat files to automate it, and let Windows do the unpacking, as when I usually can reverse engineer a .pak with Windows after you tell the registry .pak is the same as a .zip, but to no avail. Third party tools didn't work (Like PakExplorer for Quake), and I loaded it into Linux to try and unpack it with console + java, but no...

Let me know if you guys have any ideas! I will definitely drop credits in the release to those who help :smile:
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