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I have been deciding whether or not to buy a laptop these last few months as I want to back into video editing and do some light gaming as well.

Editing Programs I want to run are:
- Adobe After Effects
- Sony Vegas Pro
- Cinema 4D
- Element 3D (Plugin for After Effects)
- Some various screen recording programs at 60fps 720/1080p

Games I want to be able to play at 60fps HIGH settings or greater are:
- Overwatch
- Rainbow 6 Seige
- Fortnite
- All Call of Duty Games

I want something that will easily last me 3 years with the exception of adding upgrades such as RAM and a SSD drive.
Durability is a factor that is important as well to me as I like a quality feeling keyboard when typing or doing editing.
Trackpad does not really matter as I will be using an external mouse most of the time anyways.

I have found the ACER Predator Helios 300 to be the best option that I can find for my range currently just looking around myself.
Please give me more options below. Also would like to hear what you guys are using as far as gaming laptops go and the performance of games that I have listed above while playing on them.

Thanks guys for any help!


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Not going to lie I was in the same position as you a few years back when I first moved to PC. I didn't want to spend over $1000. So I rushed in and bought the best computer I could at the time. Thing was great however it only lasted about 3 years before it needed a replacement. Long story short, id recommend saving an extra $300-500 to invest in a more beefy computer which should keep you going for the long run. Just my opinion
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