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Question Help making hard drive save to update cloud save (Xbox 360)

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QUESTION: How do I force Microsoft cloud to recognize a file from my hard drive and make it overwrite the cloud version of the game save file?

I have an external hard drive for my xbox 360 that I save my games to. I took it with me when I went to my brother's house to play south park (he has an extra 360 so I didn't need to take my console). We played there and everything was fine. When I returned home I plugged my hard drive in and started playing. About five minutes in I get a message that interrupts game play saying something to the effect that progress from another console is more current and the game will now restart. I didn't think anything of it until after the restart and all my progress was gone.

I still have the file with all my progress and it works just fine it I play offline - but then I cannot play that iteration on xbox live with other players. My question is how do I force cloud to recognize the file from my hard drive and overwrite the cloud version of the file?

I am sorry if this is disjointed or incoherent. I'm very frustrated.

I searched about the forums for quite some time but did not see this addressed elsewhere. If there is a solution posted that I missed I would greatly appreciate any redirection. I've watched this forum for years but this is my first actual register and interact moment.
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