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Gamesaves Help injecting XBLA hexic HD game to drive?

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Well Hexic HD, and yaris are no longer available, but I found them via download. I know you can burn them to a cd-r which is legal since trials will still be trials and such. Since these were free people say you can play these few as full games no problem. I placed hexic in folder in content/0000000000000000/584107D1/000D0000/584107D100000001

It is in with all the other arcade games but it wont show up? I tried resigning as well but that shouldnt matter to show up on the xbox. Any help would be great as I'm new to the xbox.

Also If anyone wants I can give the links to hexic,yaris,aegis wing, and dash of destruction. I know aegis is only in north america. This is legal since they are free.
Well turns out I had a bad copy or something. And you have to drag directly to where its the 0000000000000000 folder, not organize it like I did haha and they work fine.

Here is Aegis Wing, Hexic HD, Dash of Destruction, Totem Ball, Yaris

[Click here to view this link]
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