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Unsolved Help Flashing 1st Ever Lite-On Drive

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I'm trying to learn how to flash all of the 360 DVD drives by myself & I just recently learned how to flash a BenQ & an Hitachi & today I lucked up & came across a Lite-On with a 93450C drive. I have all the necessary files & equipment. I am using a X360 USB Pro & I have the Probe 3 but I don't have the CK3 Pro to power on my drive, I'm going to buy the new CK3 Pro Rev 4 that just came out but for now I've been using my xbox as power to flash the other 2 drives. I thought I found a solution but I wasn't sure if this would mess up not only my flash but the 360 altogether, I was going to connect the end of the Probe 3 where the red/green wires are hanging out from (the end that's closest to the button) into the Lite-On Drive & the other end I was going to insert it into the power cable port on the motherboard. Will this work & is this the way to power on a Lite-On without a CK3 Pro, if not can anybody help me & let me know how to power on a Lite-On without the CK3 Pro or if my only option is to get the CK3 Pro Rev 4?
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