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  1. Yuu1911

    Yuu1911 Newbie

    I have been trying different methods from different tuts but none seem to work

    i used jungles
    ck3tool 1.2.4
    Dos dvdkey

    for jungle i get invalid key ( all 000 )and ,
    for ck3tool i get invalid key (all ccccc) i tried turning power off ck3 and unplugging sata cord from liteon but nothing
    for the dos the comp freezes
    im using ck3 and probe, builtin sata port

    on jungle's i select the right com port (3) properties get listed
    then i/o port the correct properties get listed there too , i connect probe and nothing

    for ck3tool i do the steps ( find system port,queryport,query port,use this port, then liteon tab, i connect probe then this happens

    any thoughts of what im doing wrong guys??


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.