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Alright, I've recently started using an Xbox360 so I'm a bit new to the console. I've had my Xbox Slim flashed. So I've started burning my own games now and have run into a bit of a problem, Mainly with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So the discs I'm using right now are Sony DVD+R DL 8.5 GB. The problem I have is while using Imgburn to burn Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the burned disc can't seem to finalize it shows an error in the end and I've wasted 3 discs trying to figure out what's wrong. Ive used Maxburner Payload tool to max out the space i can get but it doesn't seem to be working
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Ive tried other games and have been successful with some such as metal gear rising: Revengence and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom, While Far Cry 4 and Injustice Ultimate Edition Failed
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