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  1. zzzman

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    okay. so i have been looking on ebay for a doubleshot controller.

    i cant afford to buy one right now. ( or ever )
    so if you could make me one ill give you 80$.

    second. If i want to have old map mods what do i have to do. i have an original xbox.
    just post your aim. or tell me. or tell me on XBL. my GT: numba1killa06

    help will earn you a thanks from me on three of your posts.
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  3. Venomous Fire

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    I cant make a doubleshot controller, but old map mods are simple, there are 2 ways. The easy and most cost effective way is to put Halo 2 on your HDD, just take off all the single player maps and it will fit fine, and then just mod them like new maps.

    The other way which is XBL compatible is to make an old map mod disc. This requires at least a little computer skill, and requires a DVD burner. You make a Raw dump of the disc via hotswapping, then mod that Raw dump, and burn it. Monkey wrote a great tutorial that is featured on the front page
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