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    MINICHIMP 3 Getting There

    Ok i just got my data cable from M$ so i hooked up my two 120gb HDD's to my computer. The first one connects and runs fine. But when i connect the other one it immediately starts making a sound like "da da daaa da da daaa" and xport doesnt recognize it and when i go to My computer> Manage> Disk management it shows that it is coneccted but it says that it has 0mb on it.I also coneccted it to my 360 and i got one red light

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    and it gave me an error code. I dont remember what the code was but it wasnt on the list of known error codes in the sticky on the support thread. (I think it was E-63)

    Both of these HDDs were bought at the same time and both worked fine up until today the one started acting up. Any idea what is wrong with it and how it can be fixed? :?


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.