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Unsolved Having troubles with custom GTA Singleplayer Blips (Minimap Icons)



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So, I wanna use custom blips in GTA, I've got a basic idea on how to do it, but it's kinda hard to do what I WANT it to do.

To help any expert modders, i might as well give a nice rundown, to make replies easier!

Blips are the "markers / icons" in the GTA universe, on the radar/minimap (and other games may call em blips too or markers) examples of blips can be clothing stores, Ammunation, and as well as any marked NPC, such as police having blips, NPCs in missions that are friendly, enemies etc.

Now that's out the way, I'm trying to use custom blips in GTA V. And the blips I want to try and change are listed below, and will tag weather or not they've been a success.

Player Blip: Solved
Police Blips: Unsolved
NPC Blips (Enemy, Ally etc.): Not Started

Obviously looking at the list, I was able to change the Player Blip, but that was sadly the easy part, it got much harder when I started changing police blips. Before I explain the problem i'm trying to do (and hopefully there's modding experts around here) I will explain the context and why I am changing blips in GTAV.

I am using a mission maker mod, and the missions are relevent and was made from ideas from a 2009 game, and to give it some touches from that "said game", so I ripped some game assets and want to use them as blips in GTA V, (specifically for the player, NPC and police blips), I will make a list of the vanilla blips and the blips I wanna change them to, to give people a better understand to why i'm sturggling.)

===Blips I wanted part of the mod i'm making===

Images may show them as low-quality, but they will look much cleaner on the actual imgur website!

[Vanilla] Player Blip:

[My Version] Player Blip:

[Vanilla] Police Blip:

[My Version] Police Blip:

[Vanilla] NPC Blip (Specifically showing NPC enemies):

[My Version] NPC Blip (Specifically showing NPC enemies):


So, now you know what blips I'm changing, and what they are gonna look like when replacing the vanilla ones.

I sucessfully managed to change the player blip with ease. But when I thought this was gonna be easy, I started getting ticked off when doing the next one, being police blips.

I was able to properly change it, and make them blink blue and red (with the modded marker i've shown you on imgur)
but they were a little bit tiny (though i fixed this, but the image will show them tiny)

As you saw in my verions of the blips, the markers have a giant arrow, this is gonna show where the player (and NPCs) are facing, however sadly most vanilla NPC blips are round circles (meaning R* were lazy to just make em satic on the minimap) so i'm currently struggling to make the Police blips act like the player blip.

Below is a image of the minimap inside the game, showing my modded player marker, and the modded police markers,

So.........yeah......you see.......oops......

Because the police blips (and i'm very certain NPC blips share this attribute too) don't mimic the direction of the ped, my version of the blip always shows them facing upwards on the minimap, and I cannot figure out how to make them do the same attribute as the player blip, as you see the player blip is fine, Franklin is moving in the right direction, but the police blips are just facing up.

So now to the part where I ask for help:
So I was wondering if there are any skilled GTA V lua experts who know what the problem is, as I am trying to make the Police Blips (and the NPC Blips) be able to mimic the direction they go in, sorta how the player blip does it (and multiplayer vehciles like the turreted limo, insurgent, etc.) I've tried but the results is always the same as the image above, with my player blip working fine, but the police blips always facing up.

The good news is my modded police markers ALMOST work perfectly, they just need to be bigger, and of course
be able to show the direction they're facing the markers also blink red and blue too.

So hopefully I can finally get some sort of help to end this nightmare...as of today, 25/07/2022, I've spent almost 6 hours, TRYING to figure out how to make those damn police markers mimic the direction of the ped, and not always facing up....

Quick edit, as I was trying to change NPC blips, I only just found out, that the NPC blips use the same blip as pratically every other mission blip that is marked for vehicles, checkpoints, etc.....

So If anybody knows how I can make it so only the changes will effect NPCs, lemme know, cause you can imagine those "custom blips" what they will look like if they were for mission checkpoints, etc...
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