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Tutorial Hardware Needed for PS3 Downgrade

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This also can help be helpful for some people who wants to downgrade their own Ps3 instead of others doing it for me. And I am not responsible for any damage happens with your PS3 what so ever.

There are two types of PS3 to Downgrade:
1. NAND PS3: These are All Fat PS3 up to CECHG model
2. NOR PS3: These are FAT PS3 from CECHH Model and all Slim Models Up to CECH – 25xx Model.

Below is picture of all the Ps3 model number that can be downgraded.

Before continue with the HARDWARE needed, PS3 Downgrade is very hard compared to Xbox RGH/Jtag. And NAND downgrade is much harder than NOR Downgrade although from the look of it you will say it is easy, let me say it is not. Also NAND PS3 are rare to find since they are the First PS3s and you need to decide if you want to carry the downgrade for them and buy the gear needed for them. So this have been said let us continue.

What do you need first to carry out PS3 Downgrade?
- First you need a brain.
- Screw Driver to open YourPS3 till the motherboard, I am not going to teach you that. Since you will fully disassemble your PS3, it is a Must that a new Thermal Paste should be applied, and I recommend using MX-2 or MX-4 Thermal Paste. It is expensive but worth what you pay for.

Below is picture of thermal paste

The following Items, and I will specify which for Nor and which for NAND, in case you decide not to do NANDs.

First: The Most important Item is the Hardware Flasher, there are three main Flashers currently in the Market and I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each one according to my experience with it and you decide which one to Buy.

Three Flashers are:


If you only going for the Nor and your soldering skill is not good then E3 flasher is your choice, the main issue in the E3 Flasher is getting the Clip to set right on the Nor Chip, it is not an easy task let me tell you about it and you may damage your Nor Chip if extra pressure is done, so you have been warned.

But if you are not afraid of the soldering iron or you think you are up to NAND PS3, like me, then Progskeet V1.0/V1.1 or Teensy++2.0 is your choice for sure. The problem in the Progskeet V1.0/V1.1 is rare to find and out of production because Progskeet Team decided to release Progskeet V1.2 which does not work till now (it is a hit and miss), so stay away from Progskeet V1.2, if you find V1.1 it is your lucky day. On the other hand Teens++2.0 is available in the Market and the cheapest compared to other flashers and it is up to date thanks to Mr. Judges, so Teensy++2.0 would be your best choice here.

Progskeet V1.2

Second: So you went for Soldering Flasher(Progskeet or Teensy++2.0), we need Wires:
- 26 AWG Solid Kynir Wire for NOR PS3s.
- 28 or 30 AWG Solid Kynir Wire For NAND PS3s.
You can use also the E3 Linker with the E3 Flasher in case you wanted to solder direct wiring and not using the Clip.

Kynir Wires & E3 Linker

Third: FSM (Factory Service Mode)Dongle.
This dongle is OPTIONAL but it is recommended to have one in Hand always, there are a lot of them, but the one you can find easily is the E3 Card Reader. It is used to get into Factory Service Mode.
Warning: FSM Dongle is used only and only if the PS3 Firmware is 3.55 and below, if PS3 was on a higher Firmware and you get into FSM you will not be able to get out easily.

FSM Dongles
Fourth: Male/Female Pins (Optional):
To make your downgrade easier and you went to soldering option it is advised to but some Male/Female Headers

Male/Female Pin Headers
Fifth: 3.3 Volt Regulator for Teensy(MCP1825)
This regulator is only needed for Teensy to be converted to 3.3 volts by soldering the MCP1825 voltage regulator to the bottom side of it
Voltage Regulator for Teensy (MCP1825)

The above mentioned Items are the all necessary items to carry a PS3 NOR Downgrade but if you feel you want to do also NAND Downgrade, you should buy the following items to make your Work easier:

- 48Pin 360CLIP again 48Pin and not the 56Pin Clip.
The Following Image shows two types of the 48Pin Clips the one to the Left is the old one and it is the one I recommend, since it is the one I am using and I never had any issue with it, the one to the Right is the new one and I have never test it but it works as should be so grab the one you find.

48Pin Clip types

Progskeet “Adapter PCB” Solder-less Kit:
This PCB Adaptor is only for the Progskeet V1.1 Flasher and not any other flasher, so if you will be using the Progskeet V1.0 or Teensy++2.0 it is useless and it will not work.


Injectus or Progskeet Programmer:
This is only for Progskeet also and it is used to program the Progskeet flasher itself with what is called “Bitstream” to let the Progskeet work perfectly with Solder or Solder-less.


3.3 Power Source to Feed the NAND:
This is mainly if you are using Teensy++2.0, the purpose of the Power Source is to power the NAND with a 3.3V in order of the Teensy++2.0 to identify the NAND. And there are too many ways to obtain the 3.3 Power sources I will mention only two of them
PC Computer ATX Power Supply: which can feed a 3.3V.
PS3 Power Supply: PS3 Power supply has only 5.0V and not 3.3V so to obtain the 3.3V you need a DC Voltage regulator to adjust the voltage from 5.0 Volt to 3.3 Volt.

Power Source to Feed the NAND

DC Voltage regulator (from 5.0V to 3.3V)

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so detailed, once again king of kings when it comes down to the info and detail you gives in all your tuts thank you


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Thanks so much for posting this its going to be very helpful!
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