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Meet Hard Landing - an invasion scenario that takes place after UNSC forces were shot down by covenant, you are placed into one of either two factions;

Elites - you must capture three points to push on with the offensive, if you fail, UNSC forces will push YOU back and your efforts of claiming the canyon will be in vain. Do not let this happen.

Spartans - you are to defend an evac point while waiting for UNSC reinforcements to arrive, if you fail, the covenant will take ownership of the canyon and will use it as a foothold against the UNSC, there are three evac points you must defend:


This is evac point alpha, the crashsite that you were forced to defend after your falcon was shot down - be wary, you only have a magnum and a frag grenade and must scavenge the area for extra firepower in order to stand a chance against elites.

This territory has a 20 second capture time and a 7 second float limit - it is not easy to capture though and losing the territory will penalize the defending team in the game, possibly costing them the whole match

If you do of course fail to protect evac point alpha, there's always....


Essentially a close quarters room of doom, you must defend the area with strategically placed marksmen and grenadier units, staying away from the action allows possible easy kills on elite forces, however, elites will find the zone easier to capture with no one in it. The room contains a commendable amount of ordanance, including two dropshields, an assault rifle, a magnum, a shotgun, a dmr, and a grenade launcher, this is one territory you do not want to lose to the covenant.

Finally, if you are forced to retreat....


The final stronghold. Now the map's terrain works against you. covenant forces can be mounted anywhere and can be heavily armed with needle rifles and plasma launchers, as well as a revenant and ghost to boot, don't worry though - the loadouts and ordanance you have to defend yourself with should be effective enough, there is a sniper rifle and rocket launcher which can counter these as well as four machine turrets and a missile launcher warhog mounted in the middle - in addition there are two mongooses which can be used for quick transport and countering vehicles with heavy weapons, if this wasn't enough - grenade launchers and sniper rifles! now you can spawn with these to counter the powerful elite loadouts

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Short video with machinima intro to set the scene - also includes some gameplay
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