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Solved Hard Drive not Found (Partition 1 isn't there?)



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Alright so I leave my xport and my 360 at a friends house for the night AND when I get back and bring it home I turn it on and realize that none of my profiles are there and the xbox 360 cannot even find the hard drive. Immediately I think that MAYBE just MAYBE I SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLD MY FRIENDS WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH XPORT.

So I go ahead and check out what the hell is going on with my hard drive. I went ahead and plugged it in to Xport and I see that XPort360 can't even FIND the hard drive when it is plugged in (it usually does in half of a second). So I go ahead and try to see if Xplorer360 can find anything. It did, but I noticed something... the fact that I could only see Partition 2 and 3 and no longer Partition 1. WTF ...Ich habe angst. What the hell can I do now? Do I have to send my HD in or is there some way I can fix my hard drive myself, so my 360 can at least find the HD and I can recover my account from XBL....

Help would be nice.
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