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Halo Reach Videos Rules

Discussion in 'Halo Reach Videos' started by Desire, Apr 27, 2013 with 0 replies and 1,051 views.

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  1. Desire

    Desire VIP VIP Retired

    Here are the rules for the newly added Halo Reach Videos section.

    • Do not advertise your YouTube channel. If your thread doesn't include a video in it, it will be deleted. This means you cannot ask for subscribers, likes, comments, etc. This section is to show off nice clips/videos, not advertise your channel.
    • Do not harass other people. Flaming other people by insulting their videos will not be taken lightly. If you do not like a video, or perhaps disagree with something, don't bother posting.
    • Respect other's opinions. Like said above, don't put someone else down because they have a different view than you.
    • If you see any threads violating the rules, report it. Do not take the matter into your own hands; this is considered mini-modding, which is against the site rules.
    • Speaking of them, all site rules apply here too.

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