Xbox 360 Halo Reach: How noble team could have survived

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    Halo reach, the location of the deaths of Noble team. lets face it, we've all thought about how they could have survived the fall of reach, and this thread is where you can all post your ideas for how they could have lived, theories on what might have really happened, or just effects of what halo would be if they lived.

    Jorge: there is not as many ways jorge could have lived as there is ways other members could have lived, but there is ways. one of these ways is the number of marines that where with him at the time. there was around 5 marines with noble 6, and another 3 or so with jorge. that left 8 marines who could have just detonated the bomb themselves. think about it. 8 marines. 2 spartans who could and probably would have kept them alive. at least 1 of them should of survived.

    Kat: kat had probably the saddest death out of all of them, which has given us fans more reason to think of ways she could have survived. i personally think ways her death could have been prevented are 1) if noble team where to check behind them and check out the hole in the roof after they got out the elevator, 2) if they waited a few minutes until their shields recharged. it was how much of a hurry they where in that killed kat in the end.

    im not even going to suger coat it. towards his death carter started to seem suicidal. he was flying a pelican and told the others to jump. he fly alone while being shot at by a few banshees and a phantom. he fly into a scarab. but as suicidal as it was, we all still wish it had gone differently. one of those ways it could have gone differently is if at the last second if he jumped out the back and locked his armour. sure that would have blown him further away and into another cliff face probably, but he likely would have survived. or instead, if he just got the scarabs attention long enough for emile and noble six to run under it, and into the tunnel right next to it, giving him the oppertunity to fly off to a safe distance away from the scarab still covering emile and six from the air, and later taking them from the landing pad onto the POA leading to all 3 of them getting of reach as well as Jun.

    Emile: his death was kind of his own fault, but at the same time it was six's fault. emile, from our point of view, seemed to forget he had a motion tracker. if he remembered to check it, he would have known about the zealot coming up behind him, and he would have turned around, elbowed it in the jaw, and shot it in the stomach, leading to him not dying and noble six not having to stay behind, leading to him helping chief on the halo ring in CE. but a alternate way he could have lived is if noble six just ignored the fact that a grunt was shooting him with a plasma cannon, and he could have used his DMR to hit the zealot behind emile and make it flinch, giving emile a heads up and enough time to turn around and kill it. again leading to six not having to stay behind. also, a pelican could have been dispatched for the POA or emile could have jumped on the same one as keyes and six and made in into CE as well.

    Noble 6:
    If you actually read all of the rest of what i wrote and didnt just skip to this, you would already know ways how six could survive from both emile and carter surviving. but back to my point of how he could survive not including others survivng to help him. one way he could survive is if the POA wasn't in such a rush, they could have sent a pelican to him, even if not to take him onto the POA just to give him a few marines, a pelican and hog, and some ammo and weapons, he could make use of all that and survive a good few months. another way is when he is being knocked down by those elites, he could roll out the way of the elite who tries to stab him, he could roll back and kick it in the jaw making it drop its sword, then he could pick up and throw the sword at another elite making that one drop its sword, while those 2 are distracted he could get up and get his pistol and knife and kill the third with his pistol, then stab the fourth in the head, then turn around as the 1st one is coming back and duck under its sword and stab its throat and shoot its stomach, then as the 2nd one tries again kick it in the stomach making it kneel over then kick its face and shoot it a few times, resulting in the deaths of the only 7 near enough elites, giving him time to salvage weapons from them, reaload his weapons, and move to another location where there is less covenant.

    Well, this has been my theories on how noble team could have survived, tell me what you guys think about how they could survive or how it could effect the halo story line if they survived.
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    This is the saddest thread ever, now im really sad about an old game.
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    Skimmed through most (at work sorry) but in the one level where have hold out with the guy in AA turret (guy with skull helmet gets stabbed by elite) you can see master chief in a pelican. If he would of been around half the stuff wouldnt of happened lol.
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    They could of evacuated at the start lmao
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