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halo reach flaming helmet

Discussion in 'Halo Reach Mod Support' started by biggestgrunt, Jun 14, 2011 with 1 replies and 756 views.

  1. biggestgrunt

    biggestgrunt Enthusiast

    can someone explain to me in a message how to do this! i do not need you to post non legit answers only legit! send a message if you are correct and it works i will give you a 15 dollar itunes and rep or just rep if you have no itunes
  2. Forgotten Dynasty

    Forgotten Dynasty Phelix loves men.

    You need an iDevice, either iPhone or iPod Touch. Go to the App Store and search: 'Bungie Mobile', download the first app. Then sign in with your Xbox Live account and go to the tab 'Love Bungie', select Blue Flames and turn them on, do the same with All-Star nameplate.

    To enable the nameplate, go to www.bungie.net, and sign in. Go to your profile, then game settings and scroll down until you get to the All-Star nameplate and turn it on.

    Hope this helped.

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