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Halo Reach Flaming Helmet

Discussion in 'Halo Reach Modding' started by KillaCam Iz MLG, Sep 29, 2010 with 3 replies and 1,435 views.

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  1. KillaCam Iz MLG

    KillaCam Iz MLG Enthusiast

    Hey guys, i was wonderig if anyone had a flaming helmet Generator or something..

    Sadly, I want to know if someone has this is because I bought the pack that "has" the flaming helmet code in it..
    The code was invalid, I've called support, Emailed them and tried so hard to get a new code. They all just keep saying No because of the people scamming them..

    If someone has a code that they don't need, or if they have a Generator, Please, Can I have the Generator DL (or if you don't want it released, can you send me a code) if you can send me a code you can PM me, or if you need to know more about this PM me and i'll let you know.

    P.S I don't have a transfer cable atm to mod it, and I also don't have a flash drive..
  2. zmasterg

    zmasterg zmasterg

    There isn't a generator sorry, nobody is going to give you their code also.
    You can mod itif you get a transfer cable so you have the flaming helmet. http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/314013-clarification-obtaining-the-flaming-armor-affect/

    Check ebay for a transfer cable..
    Or you could buy a code of ebay +$60 bucks though =/
  3. MikeLawry

    MikeLawry Seasoned Member

    No such thing and your, and you're lieing about your code "not working" I don't know why you would think people would care anyway if your could didn't work for you ughhhhhh....... I hate stupids who think there smart
  4. Prologue

    Prologue Newbie


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