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Halo Reach Custom Challenge Manager

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I was thinking about an application to automatically manage the 5 challanges for Halo Waypoint.

Say you set up 5 challenges and then login with the webpage to your live account on halo.xbox.com
Then you hit a button to start scanning which will attempt to load the page with the stats on it every 15 seconds or a defined time.
If the challenge is completed, then a new challenge/the original challange will take its place without the user having to type in all the details on halo.xbox.com.

Saving time, also would allow users to make an automatic system that ranks people up by killing guests at night. Levelling up the player all the time would be a good thing and would allow players to achieve Inheritor who don't have a chance before Halo 4.

I might have a go at trying to make the program with something like visual basic, not sure but it would be nice if someone could develop the program properly.
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