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Tutorial Halo MCC Modding Beginners All In One



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The MCC modding thread is so empty with the exception of ProSniperMods I wanted to make a big tutorial for anyone new or coming back to modding Halo games.

First off let me state the obvious this is for PC only.

Note: All external site downloads are reuploaded by me so you don't have to sign up for other sites, but all original links are at the bottom.

Starting off here's a ton of tools, and with all these to work make sure you're running Halo:MCC Anti-cheat disabled.

[Click here to view this link] - This is a huge tool that allows you to mod .map files and basically the starting ground for all Halo mods.
EAC Disabled - This allows you to earn achievements while using Anti-cheat disabled version of MCC. Credit to ProSniperMods for his thread.
[Click here to view this link] - If you want an aio tool where you can just mod on the go without manually modding through assembly, feel free to use this tool.
(Reuploaded so you don't have to setup an external site account)

MCC Model Converter - Convert models to be ported into Halo Reach, Halo 3 and Halo 4.
[Click here to view this link] - Make custom gametype variants.

Not a tool but a big site for custom MCC mod downloads is NexusMods.
Not going to link it but feel free to look into prefab mods from other people in the community.

Figured I would throw in a little thing I do because why not.
You NEED to use NoEAC to mod challenges complete!!!

So find whatever challenge you want to complete and lets say you have 31 out of 100 kills.
Open Cheat Engine and search for 31. Don't worry about bytes because it's already on 4 bytes by default.
Get a kill and scan again until you have your exact value down to a few results.
Change it to 99/100 then get a kill
Challenge completed just like that.
Only works on non-matchmaking challenges, it wont stick if you change matchmaking kills then switch to EAC enabled.

Lone Wolf Score:
So start Halo with NoEAC so score sticks without leaving game to switch to EAC enabled.
Start lonewolf, then get a kill.
Change your value type to float and search your score.
Keep doing that until you have only a couple values that are the correct result for your score.
Then change it to whatever you want and die.
Score will stick online and unlock the nameplate aswell as stick to leaderboards.

Before modding find your .map folder.
On steam just browse local files and follow along with the windows store tutorial.
Windows Store -
Go to program files, then ModifiableWindowsApps\HaloMCC\haloreach\maps

First things first. Open Halo Reach in MCC (Anti-cheat disabled) go on forge world and open the forge_halo.map.
In the top left go to tags.

Projectile Swapping:
At the top left search "weap" and open the weapon tab.
Go to objects\weapons\rifle\assault_rifle\assault_rifle
Then in the right tab go to the search bar and search "projectile".
Then change it to whatever gun you want. I chose the concussion rifle.


This is another very easy weapon tag mod.
So on the assault rifle weapon tab. Search "weapon aim assist"
Change all these values to 400.
"Autoaim/Magnetism Angle"
"Autoaim/Magnetism Range"
"Autoaim/Magnetism Falloff Range"
"Deviation Angle"


Stepping away from weapon mods, lets get into some easy fun mods

So on the left bar search "matg". It should be matg - globals
So now lets give ourselves some super speed and super jump.
On the right bar just search "Default Player Traits"
and go down to the drop down menus.
Go down to movement traits and change player speed to 300%
then right under that jump height should be "-1" change that to 400
Now you have super speed and super jump.


Now instead of making a thread as long as a harry potter book I will link some cool youtube tutorials that I really liked.

- Original Reach Gametype Variant Link -
- Original MCC Toolbox Link -
- MCC Model Converter (found on rejected shotgun's discord) -
MCC Model Converter - Forerunner
MCC Toolbox - SilentRunner
Assembly - Lord Zedd and the xbox chaos team big thanks to the goats of Halo modding
Sunbeam - Original Poster of NoEAC for MCC Notes
Various Youtube Tutorials - RejectedShotgun
Youtube Mod Tutorial - Generalkidd
Ultra White/Service Tag Youtube Video - Nitley
ProSniperMods - NoEAC Dll's
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Nice thread! I will definitely be using this thread in the future.
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