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HALO MARATHON all halos!

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I will be collecting a team of 3 people to participate in a HALO MARATHON.

The Halo marathon will begin in chronological order in terms of the timeline. (Ex. Halo wars to Halo : Reach.)

We will have 4 players all in one Xbox party. All players will be required to have every single available Halo title. (Halo Wars, Halo : Reach, Halo The Master Chief Collection, Halo Spartan Assault, and Halo Spartan Strike.)

Any other Halo title not named is not required. Other resources needed will be as follows.

- Xbox one

- Xbox 360

- Headset for both consoles

- Be over the age of 13 or exactly 13.

- Be dedicated. You can't just stop playing with us after agreeing to the marathon.

Thank you for reading, if you are interested message me and we'll see if your eligible.
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