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Homebrew Halo Map-Pack Launcher (Halo 1 + Halo 2)

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Halo Mappack Launcher Updated To v1.2
1. Skins Implemented.
2. Custom skins by s3anyboy.
3. Songs implemented and always play and are random thanks to s3anyboy.
- If you create a custom skin and want it on here let me know. They will be in there own section in this post for people to download and use on the Halo Mappack Launcher.

First I want to start off by saying this was originally made by Stig87 or at least that's what the original author says in the files.
This has been updated and improved by CabooseSayzWTF & s3anyboy. DFire2 deserves some credit with path issue solutions. The original Halo Mappack Launcher was originally made as a halo 1 only mappack launcher.
From what I can tell the project never really took off and I found it on snavers root source for the snavers site where it was archived.


What's Been Improved

1. Clear Cache - Is now instant and one click.
2. Now supports both halo 1 and halo 2 mappacks.
3. Mappacks are automatically found and loaded in the appropriate mappack tabs. Instead of having to manually define the paths for each mappack.
4. Games Library tab incase you accidentally launched the launcher when you wanted to play a game, so now scans your game library and loads those games also.

The Purpose of This Project
The purpose of this project is simple as it is brilliant, it's so you don't flood your games library full of halo 1 and halo 2 modded mappacks that you have to pass by to get to other games.
The other purpose is because it's a all in one solution for beginners using modded mappacks and for those lacking in the knowledge to clear cache before and after you play a modded mappack and switching between them.
All of your modded halo mappacks will be in one place with a clear cache option at your fingertips.

- Alot of custom dashboards already have a way to clear cache implemented right into the custom dash. But with this it's right there in the launcher for anybody that couldn't find the way to clear there cache from there custom dashboard.

Why Is This Really important?
The reason why this is important is because I have met sooooooo many people that have yet learned that they have to clear there cache before launching/playing a modded halo mappack. People constantly get (map failed to load, blackscreens, glitching textures, halo 1 mappacks showing the same ui as the last mappack and so on. The list goes on with what people bug me with constantly. When you tell people to clear there xbox cache it's like they have no clue what i mean, and when they try to just clear E:/Cache they assume cache is cleared when it's not. So this fixes those rookie mistakes in one package, and besides your games library is no longer flooded with halo mappacks you have to pass by to get to other games you want to play, instead everything is right there in the mappack launcher for you.

Video Install Tutorial

Text Install Tutorial
1. Connect your Xbox OG to a FTP Client (FileZilla, Flash FXP, Etc.)
2. Move the Halo Mappack Launcher to your Games Folder. (Supported paths, E:/Games, F:/Games, G:/Games) If your games folder is not in one of those drive letters, this launcher will not work for you.
3. Do not rename the Halo Mappack Launcher folder or any files associated with the launcher as it will mess it up.
4. Move your Halo 1 mappacks inside of the mappack launcher in the [H1 Mappacks] folder.
- Move your Halo 2 mappack inside of the mappack launcher in the [H2 Mappacks] folder.
5. Open every mappack xbe in a xbe renamer, hex editor, dashboard xbe title renamer, any of those will work, and make sure you rename the games title name different for every mappack if the mappack xbe hasn't already been named a unique name already.
- If multiple modded mappacks have the same name in the xbe the mappack launcher only picks the first of the mappacks and loads it into the mappack list. Which is why renaming the xbe is important.
- There is a download for a windows based Xbe Renaming tool in this thread in the downloads section of this post.
6. After everything is setup go into your games library and launch the mappack launcher, once in the launcher click clear cache and choose a mappack! Enjoy! Always clear cache before launching a modded mappack!

What Is Halo Launcher+ v1.1?
Halo Launcher+ is a version created by S s3anyboy which directly replicates a custom dashboard which was
his take on the project. My project was made to be directly a modded mappack launcher and not to replicate a custom dashboard
in anyways, it is here because some users might like it over my version the custom skins work on both versions so using skins for this
project is no issue when you use them on either one. Just keep in mind both are codded a bit differently when it comes to file paths and
how things are launched and loaded.
v1.1 Now has a custom title id and images.

Have a Mappack With Multiple XBE's You Want To Use?

This video is a tutorial on how to add paths to search for the custom xbe you want in a mappack. The xbe can be named whatever you want in the root of the mappack. Just make sure the path has that xbe name.

Mappack Multiple XBE's Text Tutorial
1. Open the config.xml and go to Halo 1 Mappacks or Halo 2 Mappacks at the end under the games paths
2. Add this path <Item Action="DRIVE LETTER:\Games\Halo Mappack Launcher\H1 Mappacks\HALO MAPPACK FOLDER NAME\XBE NAME HERE.xbe">NAME THAT SHOWS UP IN THE LAUNCHER</Item>
<Path>E:\Games\Halo Mappack Launcher\H1 Mappacks</Path>
<Path>F:\Games\Halo Mappack Launcher\H1 Mappacks</Path>
<Path>G:\Games\Halo Mappack Launcher\H1 Mappacks</Path>
<Item Action="F:\Games\Halo Mappack Launcher\H1 Mappacks\Halo KMP\solo.xbe">Koroi Solo MP</Item>
4. Save the config.xml and replace on your xbox, boot the launcher and the new path for that xbe will show up and can be launched!

1. Halo Mappack Launcher v1.2: [Click here to view this link]
2. Halo Launcher+ v1.1: [Click here to view this link]
3. XBE Renamer: [Click here to view this link]
S3anyBoy Normal Skins: [Click here to view this link]
S3anyBoy Animated Skins: [Click here to view this link]
1. Halo 1 Modded Mappacks: HERE
2. Halo 2 Modded Mappacks: HERE
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awesome, will archive


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well i already did so just let me know when its updated
Its been updated. It probably wont get another update for awhile unless another feature is a must have. Skins have been implemented, mappack launcher now plays music also when using it, has a few custom skins already to select from.

If anybody creates a skin and wants it on this thread just let me know. - Unleash x skins work since this launcher is built directly off unleash x. So you can use unleash x based skin creating programs if wanted to create a skin for this mappack launcher.


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Halo Launcher + added as well as some skins, Halo Launcher + is a custom version created by S s3anyboy to replicate a custom dashboard which wasn't the idea of this project at all but if anybody wants to use his version its in the downloads. His version also uses a newer unleash x xbe, I will have to get with him soon and fix his xbe because it uses unleash x's direct title id which could conflict some time down the road eventually because his launcher is saving data in the tdata of unleash x. I'll edit this post when Halo Launcher+ is updated. Which should be in a day or so. So bare with me. There is more info in the Halo Launcher + download read me.


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hers a video quickly previewing the current skins:

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