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Tutorial Halo:Combat Evolved for Mac OSX (Works on El Capitan)

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Update 7/21/18: All links have been updated and are now working!

After a couple weeks, I have finally managed to get Halo:CE working on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro running OSX El Capitan. Here are steps to get you running Halo on your Mac.

Before we start:
- Intel and PowerPC models only
- Multiplayer with PC models not tested (UPDATE: Works on PC versions that have been updated to 1.09, this update for PC is also available in the links below)
- Visit HaloMD for mods and multiplayer

Step 1
- Download the Halo Universal Binary here
- Download Halo Universal updater (2.0.4) [Click here to view this link]


Step 2
- Install the Binary
- Launch the game and use ZAXG-FAJM-YEU5-UW29 as the key code
- Install the update
- Launch the game and play!

- Make sure that your in-game internet settings match your current internet set-up. If your settings don't match your set-up it can cause the player in game to move slow and other bugs.
- If running an older Mac on the graphics settings make sure to select "Vertex Shaders Only", this will decrease bugs and increase performance. This will cause rocks to become invisible.

- Mavericks have a problem where the game doesn't run.
- Download the patch here and follow the readme instructions.
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