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    General Rules

    #1.1 The general forum board rules still apply, but these rules are made for this specific forum to bring you guys the best content.

    #1.2 Be respectful of each other's opinions, and don’t put someone down just because they have a different viewpoint than you do.

    #1.3 Search before you post! If you need to find something, your chances of finding it increase if you search.

    #1.4 Do not repost. Refer back to the search before you post rule.

    #1.5 If you happen to find content that violates these rules, report the thread and move on. Do not minimod! Mini-modding is a violation as well.

    Forbidden Content

    #2.1 The purchase, request, trade, or selling of virtual accounts/items including but not limited to: Xbox LIVE accounts, Xbox LIVE Gold subscription time, Downloadable Content (DLC), subscription codes of any kind, or anything else related.

    #2.2 Any threads regarding you being suspended or banned from Halo 5: Guardians and/or Xbox Live.

    Posting of warez (.xex's, ISOs, etc.)

    #2.4 Flaming of any kind. Calling someone a “leech” or any other offensive words will result in an infraction.

    Advertising of any kind. This will result in a permanent suspension from the board.

    #2.6 Derailing threads/Off-topic responses. This is considered as spam. An example includes asking for gamertags (this is what PM’s are for)

    Saying “Thanks” or “No Problem" is considered as spam. If you appreciate something someone has done, click the like button.

    Other Notes/Links

    #3.1 This forum is for Halo 5: Guardians Videos only. Any posts regarding support, glitches, mods, matches, or boosting should go in their corresponding forum, and will be dealt with accordingly if they do not.

    #3.2 If you do not have anything nice or helpful to say, don’t say anything at all.

    These rules are subject to change in the future. It is your responsibility to check for updates.

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Thread Status:
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