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Tutorial Halo 3 The Covenant Legendary Strategy Guide

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Yeah, I did it.

Sliding Ghost's The Covenant Legendary Strategy Guide

The Covenant on Legendary at Mission Start. Tilt, Thunderstorm, Mythic, and Tough Luck turned on.

Silver skulls: Cowbell, Grunt Birthday Party, and IWHBYD.

Campaign Scoring: On

So why did I make a 2 hr long strategy guide for The Covenant? It's because I've been seeing nothing but n00b Legendary strategy guides on YouTube. They always seem more like simple playthroughs rather than a actual walkthrough. I was very disappointed. So I made this.

Now the reason why it's so long is 1. Yes, I died. 2. I'm a perfectionist. I must revert. Everything I do has to be either perfect or satisfying. 3. I played with the Brute Chieftain at the end.

These long segments were due to me attempting to boost my way into the third tower with a Ghost, trying to get the Arbiter to face a certain direction (a waste of time actually; it was just for a screenshot thing), and having some difficulty with the Scarabs.

And finally, about the difficulty. For some strange reason, Legendary is very easy for me and Easy is very hard. It's probably because I'm a perfectionist.

Yes, I expect you to download and watch. Fast forward if you must. When the Arbiter cometh, then please pay attention.

If you're too lazy to watch, here's a wall of text. :smile:

On The Covenant at the third tower, first, give the Arbiter the War Chieftain's Fuel Rod Gun. Second, pick up a Fuel Rod Gun from the Covenant supply case on the right side of the tower. Then pick up Frags if you've used your Frag Grenades up. Also pick up a Bubble Shield (for the Drones if necessary). Now go inside the tower and go to the left corridor. Wait for the Drones to assemble and throw a Frag Grenade and prepare to throw another one if the Frag doesn't get rid of them. Then use your Fuel Rod Gun to kill the Hunters and keep your distance. If you still haven't used your Bubble Shield, use it if necessary.

Now after you, Arby, and his Elites have killed all the enemies, give your Fuel Rod Gun to a Elite and pick up a Plasma Pistol. Then go inside and immediately do a Plasma Pistol/BR or Carbine combo on the first Brute you see. That will prevent them from getting close to your Elites. Now you should see one retreating. Quickly combo kill him and the next part should be pretty simple. After you have killed all the Brutes, pick up a Mauler or a Spiker and trigger the second wave of Drones to spawn. If your Elites are still alive, let them handle it.

That was just a taste of my Legendary strategies. :wink:
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