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    Use pan-cam to get out of maps.

    Well to go into pam cam you must do all below

    1.make sure you are in local xbox live it wont work any other way put it on slayer then on custom games i always have good luck on construct and you have to be alone.

    2.then go on any map you want to then you head to the middle of the map.

    3.then you press and hold down the following(left bumper,right bumper,left and right analog sticks[click sound],A button,and up on the directional pad and hold for 5 secs yes you have to hold that for 5 secs i know it will hurt your fingers. lol

    If done write you will see numbers on top of your screen it will be like this(i put x's in place for the numbers)x.xxx-x.xxx-x.xxx/xxx.xx-xx.xx/x.xxx[normal] those numbers are your location and angle on your map and the normal means it is in normal mode(duh) we need to change it to pan-cam mode.

    4.Now you will hold down|left bumper,right bumper,left and right analog sticks(until the click sound)and left on the directional untill you see the normal turn to pan-cam.

    Now if you done it correctly it will be like this(once again x's are replacing numbers)
    x.xxx-x.xxx-x.xxx/xxx.xx-xx.xx/x.xxx[pan-cam] or somthing like this:smile:

    5.Now that pan-cam is on get out of custom games and go in forge choose a map you want to get out of for an example the easyest for me is sandtrap go anywere in the map and die simple and clean or if you prefer make a big suicide and have fun the point of it is to kill yourself and to try to get your body out of the barrier.(get it as far as you can)

    6.Now go to theater mode and go to the vid of you killing yourself and now it is time to do this ok wait untill you die and it says you have 3,5,10,whatever time untill you respawn.pause at this time DO NOT RESPAWN. Now time for the technical part now you dont have a body to hold you back.

    7.Now you go and press up on your d-pad and this number i will show the numbers in x's and the number that will go up with this ^|x.xxx-x.xxx-x.xxx/xxx.xx-xx.xx/^.^^^[pan-cam]

    8.Now it is time for trial and error the higher the number the faster you go,go to fast and it will blur up reset by pressing the Y button,go to slow and it wont work take pics vids just have fun.

    I hope i helped out make sure to thank me if it helped and comment and i beg you dont say this is old or i already knew about this.

    Bungie.net : Bungie Online : Halo 3 File Details

    There is the link of me out of sandtrap.

    PM me if i made a mistake and this is my first forum.
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    is the only point for cool screenies?
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    This is old. Heard about this like a year ago. But good post. Keep up the good work.:thumbup:
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    Good tut. This is old, but I always wanted to try this and never did. Now I might because this tut is so good.
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