Halo 3 moding is more than wanted

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    well i remember Halo 2 mods were all you had to do was grab a SPPF. file from someone, patch it into the map, resign, and copy. No Dothalo, No making your own mods. now i decided to mod halo 3. it seems that all of the instructions say to use Sandbox and make my own maps! i dont want to! all i want is to take somebodys elses, and do whatever you need to do after that. were is a tuterul for this???:?

  2. unknown v2

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    Wow please tell me your not serious.

    This isn't Halo 2, there's no SPPF patches. There's no map modding either.

    All you have to do is take a file, resign with your ID's and move back to your 360.

    Try looking around the forums for tutorials.

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