Tutorial Halo 3 Flaming Skull Head [MOD TUT] UPDATED!!!

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NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry!

Also, before anything be sure to have Bungie armor on for this tutorial!


Hey there! This is literally my first tutorial EVER, but not to worry, I got you covered! The great thing about this, it is NOOB-FRIENDLY! How awesome is that?!



Here, I will walk you through a simple easy, quick, 15 step-by-step tutorial on how to get the flaming skull as your helmet/head.

Alright, so let's get on with it!

To start with, your character should look like this

1. Open up assembly with your .map of your liking

2. In the search box, type in "masterchief"

3. Go to the [hlmt] taglist

4. select, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief"

5. Scroll down to where you see, "Objects"

6. Click on the, "+" sign and add 1 chunk to "Objects"

7. ● Type in "head" in the "Parent Marker" box

● In "Child Object", select the [weap] taglist - "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball"

8. This is what you should have thus far

-Click save-

P.S. the reason the name of my ball is different than "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball" is because i made duplication's which are ball weap, hlmt, and mode strictly for the helmet/head so the original multiplayer ball weap would not be affected.


In order for this to work without crashing/freezing, you must now must save and copy/drag the map over into your neighborhood's Halo 3 map folder

The reason having to do this is because each time that you add a chunk, it is changing the data byte of the .map, therefore isn't being rendered real time to your xbox .map file hence being the reason having to drag/copy the modified .map over to your maps folder.

Once you've dragged the.map folder over, you can successfully null out the skull or add it anytime you want via poking around.

Back to assembly...

9. Go to [mode] taglist and expand it

10. Select this, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief"

11. Scroll down to where you see, "Materials". Here is where you will null out your helmet and visor of your player.

A. Select it to your players' helmet and visor

B. Null them both

-Click save or poke-

If you have done the steps above correctly, this is what your character should look like... a headless spartan

We are almost done, hang in there!

12. Now, go to the [mode] tag and select this, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief"

13. Scroll down till you see this, then make sure that you're on number 11 in the "Marker Groups" which you should see head as the "Name"

and copy everything here in the red box to your "Markers"

-Click save or poke-


14. Go to [mode] and select "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball"

15. Scroll down to here, and copy everything in the red box to yours

and then!!!...
-Click save or poke-

Now you can either drag your .map file over to your maps folder in neighborhood, re-spawn, and/or change teams, and you shall see the flaming skull mod!

Here is the flaming skull head!!!

Here is the video tutorial

Check out my other video MOD TUT on there as well!

If you are interested in these types of tutorials and want more, be sure to comment below and give this a thumbs up! Thanks!

NOTE: Don't use any third-party programs while doing this such as, "Nimbus" while doing this. Sometimes for an unbeknownst reason, it will glitch and won't work. Just let me know in the comment section below if this worked for you! If not, shoot me a PM and we’ll figure it out!
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