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    Alright, I am new to modding and my friends mod halo 3 film's. Now, he gave me the program Halo 3 toolbox v2 and I saw all of the film modding programs i have tried almost all of them.. Can someone please give me the real programs and con rehasers/ resigners that I need to use? Because these are not working at ALL.

    Ex1. I make a corrupt file trying to mod films
    Ex2. I finally make it so its not corrupted but then my file has in error in the film itself and will not play.

    Again, please.. Give me the CORRECT programs that WILL work. :.(
  2. Holo

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    well u cant mod from mark vi armor. u can mod to mark vi armor. maybe thats the problem. the programs that do work are:

    1. Vanity
    2. Concept 0.3
    3. HxD

    those work for me.
    use vanity to mod the film. armor, names, service tag, symbols, etc.. hxd is also like vanity although if ur new then i wouldnt advise it. and concept to rehash/resign the film.
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    where do you download the programs??? links

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