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    So many of you like me have played Halo:ce and halo 2 for countless amounts of hours playing with friends,
    playing against them but when halo 3 released it changed the halo series and franchise forever. It did what
    most games hoped to do. It was innovative, creative and more successful than the second installment Halo 2.
    With the introduction of forge mode, theater mode and Armour customization it enabled me as well as others to
    invest part of their life into this game. I could talk all day about Halo 3 and how it changed my life but i'm going to
    get at what this post is really about. Armour Customization. I was, and still am obsessed with customization. Its not as good
    now in Halo 5 Guardians as it was in Halo 3 or even Reach. Being able to customize the helmet , chest and shoulders
    individually was simple and unique to each player, most of the time. I remember my first week playing online i
    seen someone wearing full C.Q.B and another wearing E.V.A and I remember sending them countless messages asking
    How did you change your Armor, how did you get that armor etc.. They never told me but my friend figured it out and
    I felt so stupid. Press start, RB and click appearance. After that my character never looked the same ever again. I
    Spent hours on hours working on unlocking every achievement, Completing everything that needed to be done to get every
    single piece of armor and then finally I did it. I got every piece of armor and boy did it feel so good to wear
    the katana with security helmet. Every time i logged in i would change my armor feeling so accomplished.
    I had every armor in the game.....or so i thought. I was then told by a good friend of mine that there was another
    armor that the creators of the game; (Bungie); gave to a player who snapped a picture of a glitch of when he died
    his body turned into Mr fantastic from fantastic four ha ha. I don't know if this was true but it started my search and
    craze for this mysterious armor. Soon after i found out that it was called the Recon Armor and from their i went nuts.
    I tired everything in my power to try to get this armor someway somehow. Over the years i found out how the Recon armor was
    unlocked to all Bungie employees and select few for different reasons. In that time i also found out about the Bungie
    employee exclusive flaming helmet and Nathan Fillion (Lucky bastard); igniting their head. I played soooo much
    to try and get lucky to play against a Bungie employee or anyone who had obtained the Recon Armor. Then through friends
    of friends of friends i met cALi KriTical now known as B5D KRITICAL (to my latest knowledge). And boy was i excited to
    finally play with with someone who had obtained the Unobtainable Recon and he was such a cool dude. He served in Iraq and
    met some employees at an event i think and for his service and because he was pationate about halo they gave it to him to simply put it.
    Please do not quot me on that, i don't know if its true, its what i think i heard from him. So i played with him a few games with him
    and sent him a friend request and BOOM i was added. Finally i was able to play with recon and to add icing on the cake
    i was friends with someone who had it. So from time to time i would send the notorious "Inv" message and get invited
    and one day to my surprise when i joined him and there it was. The Bungie name plate on the side of the GamerTag Kapture24
    now known as KAPTURE. I was in a game with a Bungie employee and i couldn't believe it. I was ******** my pants.
    The same thing happend, I played a few games with him through Kritical and sent him a request and i was added. I felt so
    special at the fact that i was friends with Not only someone who had recon but a Bungie employee who had flaming helmet.
    I had them on my friends list for awhile and played with them a lot. Kritical eventually removed me but Kapture didn't.
    because that was around the time that Halo: ODST came out and with that was the release of the vidmaster challenges
    and if i'm being honest Halo ODST wasn't even out for 24hrs before i finished the final 3 challenges And finally
    I had obtained this armor i so desperately wanted (That i didnt get from Bungie Vs The World) but since i finished it
    so quickly i repped that i got it before vidmaster lol. Ok.. lets get back on track So i had earned it regardless and nothing felt
    more rewarding than being able to sport the Recon armor in all its glory and till this day i still smile when i see it. I thought that
    was the peak of my Halo 3 career and the Great Bungie Studios did the unthinkable. On July 7th of 2010 as Bungie's final
    Bungie Day on Halo 3 they unlocked the Bungie employee exclusive Flaming Helmet to all players along with their nameplate
    which is believed to actually activate it. I was really jumping for joy on this day, Screaming at the top of my lungs out
    of excitement. I felt like a 4 year old jumping into a ball pit a chucky cheese all to myself. I spent 16 hours on that game that day.
    Took pictures and videos and played a bunch of online and custom games but after 24 hours that joy was gone. I said all that to say this
    and If you read this far thank you but I want the best of both joys in one. With the Master Chief Collection we were
    given the Flaming helmet and recon but it lacked the individual armor customization. But that can be fixed/changed
    with the recent news of Halo 3 becoming Backwards Compatible i propose that 343 Industries devise some sort of challenge
    or system, Some sort of way that those dedicated enough and passionate enough like me are able to obtain the final
    armor in halo 3. Something like Bungies' Vidmaster Challenge would be nostalgic for me and those who done it and new
    interactive way for people that might be new to halo 3 to earn something awesome. I know personally for me that when i did
    the vidmaster challenges it was hard and fun at the same time and 100% worth it, being able to track my progress on bungie.net and when i
    completed it all the satisfaction of clicking that button to unlock recon there was no better feeling. I know 343i is more than talented to come up with
    a series of challenges to Unlock the Halo 3 Flaming Helmet. I want to be forged in the flames of passion and preservance.
    I want to go fourth a represent. I want to wear that flame proudly as bungie employees once did. But i don't want it to be given.
    I want it to be EARNED. Earning it will make it have value rather then just giving it to everyone and new player just wearing it like it had no significance.
    Anyone else agree or disagree on the whole idea of doing challenges to unlock the Flaming Helmet?
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    If they were going to do that they'd bring back nameplates and blue flames for reach, which they never did. Despite how many people begged for another oppertunity to get flames. I wish this would happen but they probably will keep it exclusive to mcc so only people you are gonna see on 3 these days with flames are gonna be modders, or maybe if you are super lucky you may see bungie employees.
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    I agree, and as always you`re right. Although its mostly gonna be modders....
    Just hope to you`re god my friend that they aren`t the flying aimbot kind.
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